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Thanks to all that I have fished with, its been a blast! Glad to have such great people to make memories with. I hope all is well and you've enjoyed your stay in alaska! More testimonials on trip adviser and google.



I have been fishing the same waters as Dustin for twenty years, over that time I've watched him win a lot of tournaments. More recently I have been fortunate enough to jump in the boat with him and do some fishing and if you ever get a chance I suggest you do the same. I fish a lot and had never caught fish like I did with him! Wether you're looking to catch a boat load of fish, learn the latest tips and techniques, or just have a good time he's the guide you want to be in the boat with. For the ultimate experience, request that his uncle tony goes with!!

Erik Sesko


 Fishing is a strong and passionate sport while as one of my favorite hobbies. Experience and passion is key to success in the fishing world! Fishing with captain Dustin klepacki  over the years has been very knowledgeable and influential. He is very active and hands on type of person. He is the best person I have personally ever fished with and hope to fish with again soon!
Jordan Michelsen
Dustin asked me to write a letter for him to give people an idea on how this young man is, as a fisherman. Dustin became a guide in alaska 5 years ago and I have fished with him in Illinois since he was 6 years old. We started tournament fishing for walleye all over the lower 48 traveling from south dakota to wisconsin, and here in our home state of illinois. We have many events over the years, we set team of the year, won two championships, and many qualifying events as well.This is not about that, dustin has been salmon fishing on lake michigan and streams connecting for steelhead, rainbow trout, and king salmon. Now he is in Alaska doing what he loves, FISHING! I am telling you, you will not regret fishing with him. Dustin is a tournament fisherman and not just a guide, so he will do the best he can for you to have the best day of your life. Because in tournaments if you want to win your fishing has to be the best fishing day of your life. You have to be consistent, and if you're not consistent you lose money. This goes the same way for guiding. So i know for a fact he will do his best to stay consistent every time he's on the water. I can go on about all the giant walleye, or huge northern, or any other species we caught together. This is about his skills as a fisherman. In my opinion Dustin a.k.a. "D Money" is the real deal, and no doubt will be one of the best guides in the future. He is a very talented angler and can teach different techniques to any angler. I would not hire anybody else. He knows a lot about fishing for any species period. This is how he was taught by me and many of my professional fisherman colleagues. Do not underestimate this young man I am very proud of him and it's great for me to watch him grow into the angler he is now. I am not saying this because we are related, I'm saying this because of the experience I've had with dustin. He is fun, outgoing, and energetic. And he would never give up on you to have a successful outing fishing. Plus he has a proven history, just look at his wall he has 30 + trophys. He knows what he's doing for sure. So go with the best, or try the rest. tight lines
Edward "tony" Klepacki


A world class river like the Kenai, that contains a world class fish like the King salmon, requires a world class guide to take you to the fish.  After fishing with Dustin for 7 years and 14 guided trips, I can say without any uncertainty that Dustin is a capable guide  with a outstanding  working knowledge of the Kenai and Kasilof Rivers and the various holes where the fish are located during their journey to spawn.
Over the last 7 years Dustin has always been on time and ready to fish at 6am.  He is never just going through the motions, he understands the complexity of each and every client, whether experienced or simply looking for that one time Alaskan fishing experience, and listens to there needs and not his own.  Not everyone is the same and he has told me on more then one occasion that he will not compromise any ones experience with a lackluster performance as their guide.  When it comes to the techniques involved, Dustin will roll with the tides on the river and back troll or bottom bounce with equal precision, working the river from Big Edy to the Beaver Hole with equal enthusiasm allowing for plenty of breaks for meals, rest or "when nature calls".  He even invented his own lure called the " Charlie Murphy" that has scored for me on several occasions when nothing else would work.
The King salmon isn't the only fish available when you fish with Dustin.  His fishing talent isn't just reserved for the King , but he is an expert in "ripping reds" or sockeye, fly fishing for world class Rainbow trout and Silver Salmon depending on the time of the year you choose to travel.
Remember, Dustin cannot control the weather, the fish, or the State of Alaska, but he will work extremely hard to make sure your dream fishing trip has the best chance for success and that you go home with memories you will be talking about for years to come.
South Wales, New York


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